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wired for negativity

It’s not your fault.

it’s just the way we were made.

But did you know you are wired for negativity?

Yep, all the critical, overwhelming, scary, or just plain pessimistic thoughts do NOT mean you’re a negative person.

It simply means your brain is doing its job.

Because it’s programmed to keep you alive. Period.

And to do so way back when, it had to evolve to look for threats … everywhere and in everything.

This is not BAD … it’s natural

But that doesn’t mean it’s serving you.

Cuz it’s not.

Well, other than to keep you living and breathing which, yes, is pretty darn important!

But in our modern world, it also just keeps you nervous and overwhelmed and on high alert.

And not for logical reasons, but because it genuinely thinks it’s in danger.

So … what’s the first step to overcoming this negativity bias … AWARENESS.

Yup, that’s it.

Just start by learning that your primitive (lower) brain will always pull you this direction.

AND THEN use your Radiant (higher) Brain to begin catching it in the act.

You don’t even need to try and stop it or be mad at it.

Just notice it and recognize it for what it is.

Like a neutral observer noticing the weather.

It may seem like a small step but it’s actually an incredibly significant one.

No really, try it!

But be patient with your brain. Remember, it’s just doing its job!

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