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This is my clan!

The handsome one in the middle I’ve been married to for almost 24 years. The other five I gave birth to … although it’s hard to believe that now as I look at their grown man (and woman) bodies. 

Don’t we look happy?!! Good, cuz we were. It was a good day.

But if you even think for a second we’re happy and hugging like that all of the time, you’d be dead wrong. 

Yep, we’re human beings just like you. And we have a normal family, probably a lot like yours. And as much as I sometimes wish it weren’t so, we have as many downs as ups. BECAUSE that’s simply part of the human experience.

Several years ago, I found that my “downs” were starting to take over and run rampant. Yes, I have a hormonal depression diagnosis (PMDD) so to some degree this makes sense, BUT, I was not ready to just roll over and accept a dull version of the life that was meant for me. I still wanted vibrancy. I still wanted all the happiness available to me.

So I started to try things out. And guess what? Some great things stuck!

And then when I found the information and tools I use in my practice as a certified life coach, I was SIMPLY AMAZED at what a massive difference they made in my day-to-day happiness, and ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

And you know what? It made all the difference.

Now I can’t help but share these tools!!

So what do you think??

Does feeling better sound good to you?

How about being happier overall?

What would you think of experiencing less stress and anxiety?

Teaching and sharing the tools I’ve collected is one of my favorite things to do!! 

An exceptional (RADIANT) life is available to you, and I guarantee that learning and practicing these tools can help you reach it! 

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