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babysit your brain

One of my main jobs as a coach is to help others learn to be the watcher of their own brains. 

And trust me, it needs watching! Lots and lots of watching. 

Remember that your brain likes to offer up constant thoughts, all day every day. And left to itself, many of those thoughts will involve instant gratification, unfounded fear, and a preference for doing nothing (especially nothing new or different!). 

But those thoughts are not you, at least not the higher version, and they’re generally not serving you. 

The higher you utilizes the prefrontal cortex to keep an eye on your primitive brain; and to make the choices, embrace the feelings, and live the life you actually want. Not just the life that’s happening to you. 

Today just be the watcher.
Just notice with curiosity. 

Maybe it will be fascinating. 
Maybe it will open your eyes to something you hadn’t seen before. 

Only one rule, no judgment allowed.

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