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Meet coach nanci

About me

Nanci is a life coach with a special ability to connect quickly with others and explain concepts in easy-to-understand ways. While her specialty and life’s passion is in coaching, her professional background is in building businesses and raising five amazing children: Four sons and one daughter, ages 12-21.

She has built, operated, and optimized (along with her husband/ business partner) a home-care agency and fast-casual restaurant; as well as provided hands-on guidance, counsel, and marketing content to other organizations.

Nanci has always loved people, and been interested in emotional well-being and mental health. She gained a passion for coaching after she experienced it firsthand, and had the life-changing realization that so much of emotional health is a skillset that most people are never taught. AND that learning and practicing these skills is what makes life incredible … even dramatically improving the negative effects of mental health conditions, of which Nanci understands extensively on a familial, professional, and personal level.

She couldn’t understand why something so powerful was so under-taught, and decided this had to change!

Nanci is a credentialed coach; professionally trained and certified through The Life Coach School.

See what life could be like.