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You can feel better in every way.

Yes, I’m 100% certain. Better physically, better mentally, better professionally, better interpersonally. But it has to start with better emotional health (knowledge and skills). Most of us living on planet earth have LAME emotional health skills and it’s making us sick (mentally yes, but also physically). Annoying but true. Through most of human history we just haven’t known better or understood the brain-body connection well enough.

But no worries! Helping people improve their emotional health, followed by overall health (AND LIVES IN GENERAL), is what I do. And I’m telling you, it’s simple! And I’ve created a way to make it doable and accessible for everyone.

life could be so much brighter.

I care about you too much not to tell you that. Plus I’m selfish, I want to live in a world where all the amazing human beings (that’s you!) become the vibrant people they were always meant to be. Because that’s when life is beautiful. Sadly, though, it often never happens. A lack of emotional health keeps holding us back IN EVERY OTHER FACET OF OUR LIVES. But it’s time for that to change.

It’s just learning & Practice. That’s it.

And My life’s work is to see as many people as possible become the vibrant individual they were meant to be in this life.

And I’m your girl.

Understanding emotional and mental health has been one of the primary themes of my life. My mother suffered from mental health challenges, and from a very young age I wondered why people were so different in this regard, and asked myself if change was all that possible. I recognized that everyone had varying lifestyles, experiences, environments, and physiological factors that played an important role. But it wasn’t until my study as a certified life coach led me to biological psychology (aka, the brain-body connection) that I realized the biggest key to change: the skillset of emotional health, and most of us are lacking it. It’s not our fault, we were just never taught; our parents and teachers probably didn’t know it either.

The amazing news is that it’s just like any skillset: if we learn and practice, positive change isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable.

Teaching & Training

monthly topic & workshop

tailored coaching

group membership & 1-on-1 sessions

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I’m Pretty sure you found me for a reason

And I think you know it too

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet, and for some reason you’re looking at mine. Maybe that means it’s time. I know it is.

you’ll never regret taking the time to feel better

And to model for those you care about, how they can feel and live better too.